What is Coinlytics?

Coinlytics is a crypto analytics platform that provides you complete analytics of your crypto wallet. Coinlytics helps you understand your wallet transaction in an intuitive way so you can know where all you spend your crypto tokens and how much gas fees you have paid on those transaction. Coinlytics comes very hand when you want to keep a track of your token spending and gas fees over time and different chains.

How to Analyse your crypto wallet using Coinlytics?

Simply copy-paste your wallet address in the inbox or connect your wallet and gain insight into your crypto spending. Coinlytics currently supports MetaMask wallet and Ethereum based chains. We are soon adding more wallets and chains to our platform.

Why use Coinlytics?

Are you constantly doing transactions on blockchain? Minting and buying NFTs? Playing Pay-to-earn games? Or Staking your coins to yield farm. If you want to get a complete picture of your wallets transactions and want to know how much gas fee you are paying than you must use Coinlytics. Coinlytics gives complete picture of your wallet in simple to understand graphs and charts you can quickly see how much your are spending and where.